• At Highliner we provide multiple options for handling your catch once back at the dock. These range from simply walking off with your fish whole and intact, to having it fully filleted, vacuum-packed, and shipped. We, and our partner R&R Charters, are the only charter operators in all of Puget Sound offering this full range of services.


    Our complimentary services include; cleaning, filleting, and bagging of your catch including one bag of ice. Additionally, we will vacuum pack and freeze your catch at the rate of $3.50 per pound (fish are weighed whole prior to cleaning and filleting).

  • We should be able to complete the processing within 2 hours of the trip's return, after which frozen fillets may be picked up. Should it take longer, they can be picked up during our office hours (12:30 – 2 pm Mon-Sat) or we will FedEx it after you return home.  Additional shipping and handling fees will apply.

  • If you would like your catch frozen and shipped we will FedEx it overnight to your home. A $15 fee for each styrofoam box, gel pack plus handling will be applied. Boxes will be shipped on Mondays and Thursdays only, and since the shipment is perishable you will be required to receive the delivery. Overnight shipping costs will depend upon the location shipped to and will be applied to your credit card.

  • If you simply need something to keep your fish cold while you transport it yourself, for $15 we have available styrofoam boxes and gel packs.

  • If you would simply like your fish bagged and held for pickup without any processing, we will refrigerate and hold it for you. We will only be open for pickup during our office hours of 12:30 – 2 pm Mon–Sat.  We will not hold any fish past 48 hours without being vacuum packed and frozen, at which time a processing fee of $8.50 per lb will be applied to the entire amount of fish held and charged to your credit card.

  • If you have chosen to fish with another charter company other than us or R&R but still want to partake in our services, bring your fish by our office during normal office hours and have it processed, shipped, or held for pickup. We reserve the right to turn away fish brought to us by outside parties because of high volume or staff limitations. (The processing rate for all fish brought to us from an outside party is $4.50 per lb).